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Hebei Huarun Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huarun Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huarun Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huarun Pharmacy Co., Ltd.


Hebei Huarun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in shijiazhuang city, which is known as the "medicine capital". Founded in 1997, it is a a veterinary medicines manufacturer specializing in providing complete solutions to problems for farmers. There are seven independent operating units, including poultry medicine Division, Livestock Medicine Division, Group Division, Direct selling Division, API division, Foreign trade Department and Medical Research Institute.


At present, 800 strategic cooperative distributors have been established in northeast, North, central, east, southwest, northwest and other markets, serving 80,000 farmers (enterprises). In 2003, the company invested 27 million RMB to build a modern veterinary medicine production lines, became one of the first enterprises to pass the GMP certification of the Ministry of Agriculture in China.


In 2021, Huarun Company invested 50 million yuan, built up the second veterinary drug production producing and researching center, built large modern veterinary medicines production workshops, microbial fermentation workshops and formulation standardized workshops, covering large capacity injection, small volume injection, oral liquid, bolus, Water soluble powder, granules, etc.


Hebei Huarun pharmaceutical co., LTD. Has always been to "spread the breeding of new concept, cherish life leader" for the mission, the end is committed to product research and development the construction of innovation and promote professional services team, formed "products, technical consultancy, marketing consultant" in the integration of marketing service mode, closely around farmers of the objective requirements provide a full range of integrated services,Lay a solid foundation for Huarun Pharmaceutical to fully realize the strategy of "expert in animal disease prevention and control".


The company started foreign trade business in 2007, with a professional veterinary drug product registration and sales team, products have registered and export to the Middle East, West Asia, Africa and South America and other countries and regions, and passed many foreign countries official cGMP audit.


Huarun Pharma is looking forward to cooperating with you to create a better future of aquaculture industry!


Hebei Huarun Pharmacy Co., Ltd.

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E-mail: huarunpharma@163.com

Tel.: +86 311 6750 7486

Fax: +86 311 6750 7486

Mod.: +86 182 3310 7163

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Address: No.83, East Gucheng Road, Chang'an District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China.

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